Donnington Trout Farm

We are a small specialist trout farm near Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucestershire. Our trout are reared in crystal clear Click here water which comes from Cotswold, limestone springs. The farm is housed in traditional stone farm buildings in beautiful surroundings at the headwaters of the River Dickler.


Both Rainbow and Brown trout eggs, fry and fingerlings are reared in our hatchery. Larger trout are grown in tanks and ponds for sale in our farm shop, at local farmers’ markets, to local hotels and restaurants and as live trout for angling. We have a small fly-fishing lake next to the farm and we supply re-stocking trout to local waters.

We rear rainbow trout, Onchorynchus mykiss, and the European native brown trout, Salmo trutta. Most of our egg requirements are stripped from our own broodfish.

We sell some eggs but most are hatched and reared on site for our own farm on-growing and for sale as fingerling stock to other trout farms.

-Trout are bred and grown on our family-run farm in crystal-clear spring water, free from pollution

-We use feeds from sustainable non-GM sources

-Trout of all sizes are prepared to order, so freshness is assured

-Our delicious and popular range of traditionally smoked products are all prepared on the farm

-Come and visit the farm to see trout at all stages of their growth, feed the fish and buy from our on-site farm shop

Photo courtesy of  Skyscan




We try to farm our trout as sustainably as possible.


Our water usage is tightly controlled and the quality of our outlet water is regularly sampled by the UK Environment Agency.


We feed our fish on the latest feeds which use vegetable proteins and oils to replace some of the fishmeal and fish oil normally used. Careful feeding helps to us to minimise any effects on the watercourse below our outlet.


Nearly all of our trout are supplied to local customers which helps to keep food miles to a minimum.


The Marine Conservation Society publishes an authoritative Good Fish Guide, a guide to choosing sustainable seafood. In the latest edition, farmed trout has been put in their green, good choice, category.


So please enjoy eating our trout with a clear conscience.





All of our trout are grown under the Code of Practice of the British Trout Association. For more information about the

BTA please follow this link


16th February 2015