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Our trout are reared in crystal clear, cool Cotswold spring water, which means they have a fresh clean flavour and none of the muddy taints often associated with river-farmed trout. All sizes of trout can be seen growing in our tanks and ponds and visitors are welcome to look around and feed the fish.


Our shop, which has been open for over thirty years, is popular with both locals and visitors to the Cotswolds. We have built a great reputation for our high quality fresh trout and our fine traditionally smoked products all of which are prepared on the farm. In 2004 we were runners-up in the Cotswold Life Food and Drink Awards “Best Food Producer” category and in 2005 we won the award.


Our Fresh Trout are normally only prepared to order and customers can choose from literally thousands of fish of all sizes. ‘One-per-person’, portion sized trout are normally between half a pound and a pound (220-450g) depending on your appetite. We usually also have a selection of Large Trout up to eight pounds in weight (3½kg). All fish will be gutted ready to be cooked or packaged for freezing. Our Fresh Trout Fillets are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional whole trout and these were given a Bronze Award in the 2002 West Country Food and Drink Awards.


We have a modern smokery where we prepare a range of traditionally smoked products. As well as our popular  Smoke Roasted Trout and Fillets, which are cooked during the smoking process, we also make a very popular Smoked Trout Pate. Cold Smoked Trout, which is a fillet from a very large trout which has been cold cured and thinly sliced, is another regular favourite.

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Trout are high in protein and minerals and low in total fat which makes them a perfect part of a healthy diet.


Two a week, is the campaign run by the Food Standards Agency and the NHS to get us to eat more fish. They say that we should all eat at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be an oily fish.


Trout are oily fish! They contain much more of the beneficial Omega3 oils than white fish like cod and haddock. For more information on the nutritional benefits of trout follow this link to the British Trout Association website